On July 5, 2021, Sywen Packaging received an inquiry email from Malaysia with the following content:

We are a medium-scale cocoa powder manufacturer in Kuala Lumpur. At present, there is a big packaging demand for cocoa powder, we need to purchase a high-speed powder filling machine. Which model can meet our packaging needs?

Our reply on July 6, 2021:

What is your packaging method? A bag or a jar? Please provide the picture, size, and specific filling requirements of the packaging container.

Email from the customer on July 7, 2021:

The packing is the stand-up pouch made of composite materials. There is no zipper at the opening of the bag, but there are easy tear openings on the left and right sides. The packaging specification is 100g, the bag length is 150mm, the width is 100mm, the required packaging speed is 25 bags per minute, the accuracy error is 1g, and the attachment is the sample of the bag.

Cocoa Powder Stand-Up Pouch

Our reply on July 8, 2021:

Is there only one bag size?

Email from the customer on July 9, 2021:

Currently, there is only one bag size, but there may be other sizes of bags in the future. Is it possible to use one machine for multiple bags?

Our reply on July 10, 2021:

According to your detailed filling requirements, we recommend the SF-GD-250 automatic powder pouch filling machine. There are mainly three main factors for recommending this machine:

When choosing the model of the automatic powder filling machine, first we must analyze the characteristics of the powder material, such as the free flow of the powder, whether it is easy to fly dust during the filling process, etc., first determine whether the machine must be equipped with leak-proofing device or dust removal device.

The density of the cocoa powder is 1.35-1.38 g/cm3, which is bigger than flour and has better free flow, It belongs to an ordinary powder. According to the characteristics of the material, the discharge port is not necessary to be equipped with anti-leakage or dust-proof devices in addition to the customer’s own requirements.

Second, analyze the requirements of filling specifications and accuracy to see which metering device is more suitable.

Powder filling machines have two types, including powder weighing filling machines and auger screw powder packaging machines. The weighing type has high precision and the packaging speed is slightly slower. For the screw auger measuring type, the packaging speed is fast, but the accuracy is not as high as that of the weighing type.

The filling accuracy required by the customer is 1%, the auger type powder packaging machine is enough to meet the requirements of filling accuracy, therefore, it is recommended that you can consider using an ordinary screw auger metering automatic powder filling machine to fill the product, not to use the weighing type powder packaging machine with a higher cost.

Third, check the type and size of the packaging bag to determine the machine model, the model of the automatic premade pouch packaging machine is defined by the maximum width of the bag. The width of the stand-up pouch is 150mm. No matter how many sizes of bags, as long as the bag width is within 150mm, all can be filled with one machine for the same style of bag.

After a comprehensive analysis, we recommend to you the SF-GD-250 eight-station automatic powder pouch packaging machine for filling the cocoa powder.

Email from the customer on July 14, 2021:

SF-GD-250 automatic powder pouch filling machine, what kind of powder is suitable for packaging? What is the scope of application?

Our reply on July 14, 2021:

This machine is suitable for packaging powder products in premade pouches. The types of premade bags are side-gusset bags, bottom-gusset bags, stand-up bags, flat bags, and zipper bags. The maximum width of the bag is 250mm, and the length of the bag is about 100-300mm.

The powder is free-flowing powder or non-free-flowing powder, such as food powder, seasoning powder, fruit and vegetable powder, medicine powder, meal replacement powder, milk powder, protein powder, veterinary medicine powder, coffee powder, disinfectant, glucose, tea powder, fertilizer, rice powder, additives, seasoning powder, flour, soybean powder, starch, pesticides, pet nutrition, etc.

There are 8 and 12 standard filling stations. Depending on the configuration, the machine cost is around US$15000-US$40000. The whole machine body is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, with a touch LCD screen. The packaging unit has the functions of automatic bagging, measuring and filling, bags delivery, sealing, coding, etc.

The core control part adopts Siemens controller, and the degree of automation and packaging reliability has reached the international advanced level. The automatic powder packaging machine must be used in conjunction with the automatic screw powder conveyor.

Your packaging bag style is relatively simple, without zippers. The filling speed of our SF-GD-250 automatic powder premade pouch packaging machine can reach about 35 bags/minute, and the filling accuracy is 1%, which can fully satisfy the packaging demand.

Email from the customer on July 15, 2021:

Please make a detailed quotation, including two machines, a fully automatic powder pouch filling machine, and a powder screw conveyor.

On July 15th,2021, we made a detailed quotation of SF-GD-250 automatic powder bag filling machine and ST-F powder screw conveyor to him.

On July 20th, after reading the quotation, the client asked a few more questions, and we responded as follows:

Q1: If there are other sizes of bags, can the same machine be used?

A1: As long as the bag is the same style, width, and length within the range supported by the model, you don’t need to replace any accessories, all can be filled with one machine. The adjustment method of this machine is very simple, only need to input the size of the bag, all the bag clamping devices will be synchronized and automatically adjusted, without any manual settings.

Q2: What types of coding styles are there?

A3: There are two types of coding for this machine, steel stamp coding and ribbon coding.

Q3: If we fill other powders with similar densities, is it easy to adjust the filling parameters?

A3: Because screw auger metering is a type of volume measurement, changing materials with different characteristics will affect filling accuracy and filling speed.

If there is a little difference in material density and characteristics, it is generally only necessary to adjust certain parameters of the machine under the guidance of our technicians. After several tests, the ideal filling speed and accuracy can be achieved, and the adjustment process is not complicated.

Q4: What is the packaging process of the machine?

A4: Manually pour the material into the hopper of the powder elevator—the screw conveying elevator lifts the material to the hopper of the powder filling machine—automatically taking bags, opening and clamping the bag at the same time—screw auger metering—automatic filling— heat sealing—transport—conveying finished product

Q4: What is the packaging process of the machine?

A4: Manually pour the material into the hopper of the powder elevator—the screw conveying elevator lifts the material to the hopper of the powder filling machine—automatically taking bags, opening and clamping the bag at the same time—screw auger metering—automatic filling— heat sealing—transport—conveying finished product

After that, we explained the working process of the machine, the packaging video, the function, the technical parameter setting, etc. to the customer. After three months of communication, the customer finally decided to purchase the SF-GD-250 automatic powder packaging machine with a dust-proof device and an automatic powder screw conveyor.

We received the stand-up pouch samples sent by the customer on Otc.28,2021, he sent the copy of back receipt prepayments to us on Nov.03, and the machine is expected to complete production at the beginning of next month.

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