On March 9, 2021, Sywen Packaging received an inquiry from Norway for the automatic powder bottle filling machine, with the content as follows:

We are a superfood powder manufacturer. Our company has many different types of food powder, but they are packed in PE bottles. We need an automatic powder bottle filling machine. The filling range is from 6.5 OZ to 14 OZ. Please quote the best FOB Qingdao price.

Our reply on March 10, 2021:

Does your company’s product category contain any nut powder with high oiliness? Such as walnut powder.

The customer’s email on March 12, 2021:

The super food powder produced by our company is a mixture of vegetables, fruit, seaweed, legumes, and nut powder. Because the nut powder with oil accounts for less, the fluidity, density of the super food powder is similar to protein or flour powder, it is a very common dry food powder.

Our reply on March 12, 2021:

Please list all packaging specifications of your company between 6.5 OZ-14 OZ.

The customer’s email on March 15, 2021:

6.5 OZ, 8.5 OZ, 10 OZ, 12.7 OZ, 14 OZ.

Our reply on March 15, 2021:

Which specification has the biggest filling demand? What is the required filling speed and accuracy?

The customer’s email on March 16, 2021:

8.5 OZ (240 g) has the biggest filling demand. The ideal filling speed is 25 bottles/min, and the accuracy error is 2 g/min.

Our reply on March 17, 2021:

According to the material characteristics and filling requirements, we recommend the SF-ZX automatic powder bottle filling machine, it is screw auger metering, the filling accuracy is ≤1%. It can be used to fill bottled and canned powders with relatively good free-flowing properties.

In order to ensure the filling speed and filling accuracy, filling 6.5 OZ-14 OZ requires two sets of augers. If the filling specification is greater than 200g, the automatic powder filling machine needs an automatic powder screw conveyor to realize automatic feeding. Please see the detailed quotation in the attachment.

The customer’s email on March 24, 2021:

How to adjust the machine for filling bottles of different diameters and heights?

Our reply on March 25, 2021:

To replace bottles of different sizes, the width of the conveyor belt of the filling machine and the height of the filling head should be adjusted. The width of the conveyor belt can be adjusted by the handwheel to fill bottles of different diameters. The height of the filling head of the filling machine can be adjusted freely according to the height of the bottle.

The customer’s email on March 30, 2021:

How to reduce the flying dust in the filling process?

Our reply on March 31, 2021:

There are two ways to reduce the dust generated during the filling process. A dust cover and a pipe connecting the vacuum cleaner can be customized at the discharge port of the automatic powder bottle filling machine. One or dual dust removal device can be customized, which one is more in line with your company’s filling requirements?

Dust-proof Devices At Discharging Port

The customer’s email on April 2, 2021:

We prefer to customize a dust hood at the discharge port to reduce dust pollution in the packaging workshop.

Our reply on April 5, 2021:

Please see the updated quotation in the attachment.

The customer’s email on April 8, 2021:

How to clean the filling machine when changing powder materials?

Our reply on April 9, 2021:

Different manufacturers in different industries have different cleaning standards for powder filling machines. If you want to change the super food powder types, all the places in contact with the materials must be cleaned and disinfected. If the powder composition, the density is different and the free-flowing is different with before, after cleaning the machine, you must re-calibrate the accuracy and filling speed under the professional guidance of the manufacturer.

In addition to filling equipment for superfood powder, does your company need other supporting equipment? According to your company’s production requirements, we can customize a complete automatic superfood powder filling production line.

The customer’s email on April 13, 2021:

We only need the filling machine at present. If the packaging effect of the filling machine is satisfied, we will increase the number and types of machines in the next order.

In the next month, we further communicated on the usage, filling accuracy, filling accuracy, machine size, quality warranty, and after-service, we finally received the full payment for the customer’s order on August 19, 2021. The production was completed on August 25, 2021.

We sent the test video, machine appearance, and other detailed pictures of the machine to the customer before shipping, the machine was sent to the port of destination in Qingdao, China on September 2, 2021, and the customer received them on October 20, 2021.

After receiving the machine, our technicians gave him video instructions when installing and adjusting the machine. The machine has been used for almost a month, and the customer is very satisfied with the packaging performance and after-sales service.

If you are looking for semi-automatic powder pouch filling machinery or equipment, and want to know about the configuration, application, filling accuracy, and speed of the machine, we hope the above packaging case can give you some help and reference.

At present, our company is carrying out the layout and planning of the new workshop. It will take about three months before the new workshop can be officially put into service. Please keep in touch.

From April to June 2021, we further communicated on the dimensions, the layout drawing, the connection method with other packaging machines of the automatic powder bottle machine and etc, the customer was quite satisfied with the cost-effectiveness of the machine and the efficient communication. On July 14, 2021, we received the 30% deposit of the customer’s order, the machine was shipped to Qingdao, China on August 26, 2021.

The customer received the machine on October 20, 2021. We had a remote video with the customer from October 25 to October 27, 2021, providing training on installing and debugging the machine. The machine is officially put into filling on November 2, 2021, the customer is very satisfied with the filling performance of the machine, and there is a new purchase plan in half a year.

The nutrition of the superfood powder is very rich, whether its seeds, fruits, or grains, such as vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, anthocyanins, and polyphenols, all are higher than ordinary foods. Different superfood manufacturers have different formulas.

Before consulting the filling machine, the buyer must provide more detailed information about the physical or chemical properties of the products, like whether the powder contains oil, whether it is easy to agglomerate, and it is free-flowing or non-free-flowing so that we can customize the most suitable packaging solution. Otherwise, we are not responsible for the wrong packaging solution caused by the buyer’s inaccurate or incomplete description of the material characteristics.

Sywen Packaging is a professional automatic bottled powder filling machines manufacturer and supplier, our automatic powder filling machines can fill 10 g-2000 g free-flowing powders, like medicine powder, chemical powder, meal replacement food powder, seasonings powder, nutrition, and dietary supplements powder, and other industries.

If you are looking for automatic powder bottle filling equipment and want to know more about the filling speed, configuration, precision error, etc. of the machine, we hope the above packaging examples can bring you some help and reference. If you need any free, professional bottle powder filling solutions or quotations, please contact us immediately!