In June 2022, a seasoning manufacturer from Washington State, USA contacted Sywen Packaging. They plan to purchase an automatic powder filling machine to package seasoning powder. With the increase in sales orders, manual packaging can no longer meet the current production needs.


  • Product: Chinese Five Spice Blend (a blend of anise, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, and ginger).
  • Packing: glass bottle
  • Packaging Net Weight: 1.75 OZ (49 g)
  • Filling Precision: ±≤1‰
  • Packaging Speed: 15-18 bottles/min


After communicating with the customer, he has the following requirements for the machine:

(1). The machine should be made of food-grade material.
(2). The bottle is small and light, when filling, the bottle should be conveyed and filled smoothly to avoid falling.
(3). The hopper should be easy to clean.
(4). The powder filling machine can fill other types of seasoning powders.


Supplied Machines:

Place the empty bottles(with bottle mouth facing up) manually on the table of the bottle turntable, bottles will be conveyed orderly to the filling station.

According to the characteristics of spice powder, the SF-ZX automatic powder filling machine is equipped with three types of customized screw augers for filling spice powders with different free-flowing and different densities. All machines are made of food-grade stainless steel and engineering plastic.

The automatic powder screw conveyor can instead of adding raw material manually. There is bottle pneumatic bottle clamping device when filling, which can avoid the bottle from falling over. The width of the conveying chain and the height of the filling heads is adjustable, so one machine can fill different shapes and sizes of bottles(within a certain range).