On October 20, 2021, Sywen Packaging received an inquiry from Russia about the automatic pouch packing machine for honey. The content is as follows:

We need an automatic liquid pouch packing machine for honey, the pouch is back-sealing, 7 ML/pouch, please quote the best EXW price.

Our reply on October 21, 2021:

Please show us the honey pouch sample and size, so that we can customize the most suitable honey pouch packing solution for your company.

The customer’s email October 22, 2021:

The honey pouch is back sealed with a dotted line at the opening for easy tearing. The pouch dimension is 3.5 cm wide x 9.1 cm long. The seal of the opening is not a straight seal, it has a bevel. Can your automatic liquid pouch filling machine be used to form fill and seal such pouches?

Small Liquid Pouch Sample

Our reply on October 22, 2021:

Yes,it can. Our vertical liquid pouch form fill seal machine can be customized according to your detailed packaging needs. What is the required filling accuracy and speed?

The customer’s email on October 26, 2021:

35 bags/min, filling accuracy is ±1 %.

Our reply on October 27, 2021:

According to the pouch size, material characteristic, required filling accuracy, and speed, we recommend you the SY-280 automatic liquid pouch packing machine. The metering device of the machine is a piston-cylinder, which is suitable for filling viscous liquids in medicine, food, daily chemical, and other industries.

The horizontal sealing device is made of high-quality copper material, with is stable in heat conduction and firm when sealing. Filling 7 ML honey, the filling speed is about 30-40 bags/min.

Is the automatic liquid pouch filling machine necessary to have the function of printing the production batch number? Please show us the batch code type if needed.

The customer’s email on October 29, 2021:

We need the liquid filling machine with the function of printing the production batch code. What types of batch coding machines do you have?

Our reply on November 1, 2021:

This type of automatic liquid packing machine is equipped with two types of batch coding machines: automatic thermal ribbon batch coding machine (lower cost) and automatic continuous inkjet batch coding machine (higher cost). Which is more suitable for the product packaging of your company?

Two Batch Coding Types

The customer’s email on November 04, 2021:

Ribbon batch coding is better for our honey bags.

Our reply on November 05, 2021:

Please see the detailed quotation for SY-280 automatic liquid packing machine in the attachment, the price includes an automatic ribbon coding machine.

The customer’s email on November 11, 2021:

What kind of packaging material is suitable for the automatic liquid pouch packing machine?

Our reply on November 12, 2021:

This series liquid pouch packing machine can be used to form fill and seal various composite film heat-sealing packaging materials, such as PE, PP, PO, PVC, PPE, kraft paper, non-woven, and other heat-sealing materials.

Later, we further communicated with the customer on the packaging video, maintenance, after-sales service, etc. of the machine. After more than three weeks of consideration, the customer was quite satisfied with the cost-effectiveness of the machine, we received the full payment of the customer’s order on December 7, 2018. On December 17, 2021, the customer inspected the machine through remote video, and the inspection process was very smooth.

The machine was sent to Russia by train from Jinan, China on December 21, 2021. At present, the machine has been transported to the customer’s production workshop, because the customer is still on vacation, he has not started to install and use the machine.

If you are looking for an automatic pouch packing machine for honey and want to know more information about the function, application range, configuration, etc. of the machine, we hope that the above packaging cases can bring you some help and reference.

Sywen Packaging is a professional honey pouch packing machine manufacturer and supplier. We have various types of automatic pouch packing machines for honey, can customize the satisfying honey pouch packing solutions for you according to the detailed requirements in filling speed, filling accuracy, and pouch type.

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