In May 2022, a food processing plant contacted Sywen Packaging. They need to buy an automatic liquid pouch packing machine to fill the viscous paste.


Product: high viscous sandwich spread pastes
Sachet Type: three-side seal pouch, the width is 5 mm, with tear-notch
Packaging Specification: 50 g/sachet
Filling Speed: 30 packs/min
Filling Accuracy: ≤1%


For the client’s old paste packaging machine, sometimes the cutting edge is uneven, and the sachet shape is skewed.


Supplied Machine:

This automatic liquid sachet filling machine is made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel, which is in line with food hygiene and safety. Using a pneumatic piston metering pump for metering, the metering is more accurate. The surface treatment of the packaging film conveying device is smooth, and will not scratch the laminated packaging film roll. The packaging film conveying roller rotates flexibly, the gap is suitable, which can avoid the packaging film does not deviate, the bag-making is beautiful, and the shape is not skewed.

The servo motor controls the conveying of the packing film, ensuring high speed and high stability when running. 304 stainless steel durable sealing knife holder, the cutting edge is tidy and smooth. High-sensitivity photoelectric tracking, the sealing, and the cutting of the sachet are accurate. The machine can automatically complete making sachet, measuring, cutting, sealing, cutting, counting and batch number coding packaging steps.