In April 2022, a start-up seasoning manufacturer in the United States contacted Sywen Packaging. In order to save labor costs, they need to purchase a small paste filling machine to package turmeric paste, the packaging output should reach 1200-1500 bottles/hour.


Product: food-grade highly viscous organic turmeric paste

Degree of automation: automatic

Packing: glass jars

Filling Specifications: 200g, 235g, 250g, 280g

Required Packing Speed: 20-30 jars/min

Filling Accuracy: ≤1%


When communicating with the client, in addition to meeting the basic filling requirements, the customer put forward the following requirements for the automatic paste filling machine:

(1). In order to prevent the viscous paste from dripping on the jar body, the machine should be equipped with an anti-drip filling nozzle.

(2). Because the structure of the piston pump is relatively complex, there are many parts, and the cleaning process is complicated, so it is better for the sauce filling machine can use an easy-cleaning metering pump.

(3). The hopper of the automatic paste filling machine should be equipped with an automatic stirring device.


Provided Machine:

SY-DT Automatic Viscous Filling Machine(with single filling head)

The machine adopts stainless steel rotary lobe pump as the liquid metering pump, which can be used to meter and convey high viscosity liquid. The conveying pressure is high, the suction capacity is strong. Even though the price is higher than that of the piston pump, the pump body has a simple structure, less wearing parts, and is easier to clean and maintain.

Anti-drip filling head can effectively prevent viscous liquid from dripping on the bottle after filling. Servo drives, ensuring stable operation during the whole packaging process. Accurate alignment of the filling head and the bottle mouth, ensures the ideal filling speed and accuracy.

The hopper can be made into a constant temperature hopper or with a stirring device according to customer requirements. The machine has a wide range of filling materials, both the paste and liquid materials can be used for packaging. The whole stainless steel structure can meet the hygiene requirements for food production.