In March 2022, a start-up seasoning & spice manufacturer in the United States contacted Sywen Packaging. They needed to purchase an automatic sauce bottle filling line with a packaging capacity of 900-1200 bottles/min.


Product: Thai-flavored all-purpose seasoning paste (viscous, no grains)
Packaging: round glass bottles
Filling Weight: 230g/bottle
Caps: metal screw cap
Labels: paper self-adhesive labels, full-circle labeling
Required Filling Speed: 15-20 bottles/min
Accuracy Precision: ≤1%
Required Machines: automatic liquid bottle filling machine, automatic caps sorting system, automatic bottle capping machine, automatic bottle labeling machine (with ribbon batch number coding function).


According to the customer’s specific filling requirements, we design and customize an automatic sauce bottle packaging line to minimize labor during the entire packaging process.



(1). Manually place the empty bottle on the round turntable with the bottle mouth facing up, and the machine will automatically transport the bottles to the conveyor belt in sequence.

(2). The servo motor drives the piston to do the synchronous movement of the connecting rod for filling.

(3). The automatic caps sorting system places the bottle cap on the bottle mouth automatically.

(4). After placing the caps on the bottle mouth, the cap is automatically capped when the bottle is clamped by the bottle clamping device on both sides and moves forward. The capping device presses the cap to a pre-tight state before capping. Under the action of high-speed rotating wear-resistant rubber wheels, the bottle cap is gradually tightened.

(5). According to the set position, the self-adhesive paper label is automatically pasted on the bottle, and the production batch number, expiration date, and other information can be printed when labeling.