In May 2022, an Australian grain food manufacturer contacted Sywen Packaging. In order to save labor input and improve production efficiency, they needed to purchase an automatic granule filling machine to package dry pasta, and the filling speed should reach 1500- 1700 bags/hour.


Product: dry wheat pasta shells
Packaging Weight: 454 g
Packing: back-sealed pouch (made of laminated packaging film)
Filling Speed: 20-30 bags/min
Filling Accuracy: ≤±3‰


Supplied Machine:

SK-420 Automatic Granule VFFS Machine (measured by 10-head combination weigher)

Pasta Packaging Machine

The bucket is lifted by the transmission of the chain, and vertically conveys the granules and small pieces of materials to the hopper of the granule filling machine. The automatic pasta packaging equipment adopts a 10-head combination scale to weigh and measure the products, an automatic granule vertical form fill seal machine for packaging, and uses a bucket elevator to realize automatic conveying, automatic weighing, and filling of the dry pasta.

The machine is equipped with an intelligent industrial-grade touch screen with high sensitivity and stable operation. Servo drives the conveying of the packaging film rolls, ensures the transmission of the packaging films is stable and not easy to deviate, and the made bag is beautiful. The top of the sealing roller of the horizontal sealing device is equipped with a stainless steel panel, which can effectively protect the safety of operators(avoid scald). The flatness of the longitudinal seal can be adjusted manually.

The type of the pouch is the back seal, the type of horizontal sealing and vertical sealing are straight, zigzag, and checkerboard. The shape of bag cutting includes the flat cut and sawtooth cut. The width of the pouch is 60-200mm, and the length of the bag is 80-300mm, the packaging speed is 20-45 bags/min, the filling precision is ≤±3‰.