On June 15, 2021, Sywen Packaging received an enquiry about an oral liquid filling machine from Gujarat,India, the content is as follows:

I need high-quality 100ML medical oral liquid automatic filling, capping, and labeling equipment, please quote the best FOB price.

Our reply on June 15, 2021:

Please provide your company’s oral liquid bottle sample pictures and parameters, so that we can provide more accurate packaging solutions.

The customer’s email On June 17, 2021:


Oral Liquid Bottle Sample

Our reply on June 18, 2021:

We have an automatic liquid filling and capping machine which is specially used to package this kind of bottle and cap oral liquid suspension. What is the required filling speed and accuracy? Is the label pasted one circle or half circle? Is the label type a self-adhesive paper label?

The customer’s email on June 21, 2021:

The filling speed is required to be 20 bottles/min, the filling accuracy is 1%, and the label is pasted one circle of the bottle body.

Our reply on June 22, 2021:

How is the fluidity of the oral liquid? Is it a little viscious or water-like, with particularly good free-flowing? According to the purification level of your workshop, do the filling and capping packaging processes need to be distributed in two workshops?

The customer’s email on June 24, 2021:

The free flow of oral liquid is as good as water. According to our production standards, the filling, capping, and labeling of oral liquid must be completed in one production workshop to ensure that no human contact is made in any packaging process.

Our reply on June 25, 2021:

According to the specific packaging needs, we recommend to you SY-GJS liquid bottle filling and capping integrated machine and ST-YP automatic round bottle labeling machine.

Your production standards allow the filling and capping to be completed in the same production workshop, we recommend that you use a filling and capping integrated machine, which has the advantage of a small footprint.

Because the oral liquid has no viscosity and good fluidity, 1% filling accuracy, so it is recommended automatic liquid filling machine using a peristaltic pump as the metering pump. During metering and filling, the liquid only passes through the soft pipe of the peristaltic pump, with no sanitary corners, and has many advantages such as pollution-free, high precision, and good sealing.

After the filling is completed, the silicone plug will automatically fall on the bottle’s mouth, and then the metal cap will be screwed, then the bottle will enter the labeling packaging station finally.

The automatic bottle labeling machine can be equipped with a ribbon coding machine or an inkjet coding machine, as the picture shows, what type of coding is used on your product label?

Ribbon and Inkjet Coding

The customer’s email on June 29, 2021:

We have always used the second inkjet coding.

Our reply on July 1, 2021:

Attached is a detailed quotation, which contains two machines, 6 filling heads full-automatic oral liquid filling (with peristaltic pump) and capping machine, and a full-automatic round bottle labeling machine. It takes about 30 days to complete the production.

The customer’s email on July 6, 2021:

If fill 100ML other types oral liquid type, the fluidity is also better, how to clean the filling machine?

Our reply on July 7, 2021:

You only need to remove the soft wipe for cleaning and replace it with a new one. The pipe material is food-grade latex soft pipe, which can be easily bought locally.

The customer’s email on July 9, 2021:

Is it necessary to send the sample for test the machine?

Our reply on July 10, 2021:

Yes, you need to send the bottles, caps, inner plugs, and labels samples to us, because the capping machine and labeling machine must be tested.

In the next two months, we had further communication with our customers on the use of the machine, filling and precision testing, packaging video, and the placement of the machine in the workshop. We finally received the prepayment of the order from the customer on August 26, 2021, the machines were completed on September 30, 2021.

Before shipping the machine to Qingdao Port, we sent the detailed testing report to the customer. The machine was delivered to Qingdao port on October 6, 2021, the customer received the machine on November 9, 2021. Under the guidance of our technicians, it took a week to install and adjust the machine.

At present, the small oral liquid filling,capping and labeling packaging line has been officially put into production, the customer is satisfied with the filling speed and accuracy of the machine, and has greatly improved the packaging production efficiency of the oral liquid.

If you are looking for oral liquid filling and packaging equipment, and want to know much about the application, configuration, and supporting equipment of the machine, we hope the above oral liquid packaging example can give you some help and reference.

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