On February 24, 2022, Sywen Packaging received an inquiry from Thailand for an automatic liquid sachet filling machine. The content is as follows:

We need an automatic liquid filling machine to fill and seal three sides seal sauce sachets, please send us a detailed quotation with the FOB price.

Our reply on February 25, 2022:

What is the kind of sauce?

The client’s email on March 1, 2022:

The product is a viscous tomato sauce.

Our reply on March 2, 20222:

Please send us the bag/bottle size so that we can customize the most suitable viscous paste packing solution for you.

The client’s email on March 4, 2022:

The tomato sauce is packaged in a three-side seal rectangular sachet, the dimension is 4.5 cm x 8 cm.

Tomato Sauce Three Side Seal Sachet

Our reply on March 7, 2022:

What is the packaging specification? What is the required filling speed and accuracy?

The client’s email on March 8, 2022:

It’s 12g/bag, the packaging speed is 40-50 bags/min, and the filling accuracy is ±1%.

Our reply on March 10, 2022:

Is it necessary to print the production batch number and other information outside of the sachet?

The client’s email on March 11, 2022:

No, not unnecessary. We will use the automatic inkjet coding machine to print the production information.

Our reply on March 14, 2022:

According to the characteristics of the sauce and detailed packaging requirements, we recommend the following automatic liquid sachet packing machine to you:

Machine Name Machine Specifications Quantity
Filling Range: 10-50ML
Metering Device: the piston
Maximum Width of Packaging Roll Film: 280mm
Filling Speed: 30-60 bags/min
Filling Accuracy: ≤1%
Sachet Type: three-side seal, four-side seal, back seal (one of them) sachet
Liquid Types: semi-free-flowing liquid, viscous liquid, high viscous liquid
1 Set

The client’s email on March 18, 2022:

Can this automatic liquid packing machine be used for filling and sealing pouches of different sizes?

Our reply on March 19, 2022:

We recommend that one machine is used for filling one size, one type sachet. If the sachet is the same width, just differs in length, it can also be filled and sealed with one automatic liquid sachet filling machine.

The client’s email on March 22, 2022:

If the pouch size remains the same, but the packaging roll film is changed to a different thickness, can it be packaged with the same liquid packing machine? Is it necessary to replace any accessories?

Our reply on March 23, 2022:

Yes, it can be packaged with an automatic liquid filling machine without exchanging any accessories.

This automatic liquid pouch filling machine can be used for filling and sealing 0.04-0.08mm thickness laminated packaging film, and the sealing temperature can be adjusted within the range of 0-300 °C.

Later, we made further communication on the size, weight, delivery time, technical parameters, etc. of the machine, and the customer was quite satisfied with the cost performance of the machine. On May 10, 2022, we received the plastic packaging roll film sent by the customer for packaging testing.

On May 23, 2022, we received the full payment for the customer’s order. After strict quality inspection and packaging testing by our quality inspection department, the machine was sent from the factory to the Chinese port on June 13, 2022. Now the machine is still in transportation and is estimated to arrive at the port of destination on June 28, 2022.

If you are looking for an automatic liquid pouch packing machine, and want to know more about the filling range, metering device, application, etc. of the machine, we hope the above ketchup sauce three-side seal sachet packaging case can give you some reference and help!

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