SY-CY-6 automatic liquid packaging machine is a linear liquid filling machine, which is suitable for filling low-viscosity non-gas liquids products. It is widely used in the packaging lines of medicine, daily chemicals, food, pesticides, and other special industries.

Filling speed can be adjusted at any time, can meet the different needs of different liquid packaging lines. It has a 6-inch touch screen, HMI system, and PLC programmable control.

The operation is simple, and different containers can be filled to achieve the cost-effectiveness of one machine. The structure is simple. For big or small bottles, or changes in bottle shapes, all can be filled by one machine, only make some minor adjustments to the relevant parts of the machine, it is not necessary to fill by another machine separately.

6 Filling Nozzles Bottle Filling Machine

The design adopts a mechanical-based linear motion method. Uses a PLC logic controller and various detection and induction devices, to control the turn on or turn off of the pneumatic switch, the entire filling, and control process is very intelligent.

It depends on the gravity of the material, flowing from the top to the filling nozzles at the bottom under normal pressure. When the machine is in an “automatic” state, the machine will automatically continuously filling at the set speed.

Model SY-CY-6 Automatic Liquid Packaging Machine
Filling Heads NOS 6
Filling Volume 40-1000 ML
Filling Accuracy 1%
Filling Speed < 90 bottles/min
Filling Principle the gravity of the liquid, flow down automatically
Air Source Pressure 0.5-0.7 MPa
Gas Consumption 200 L/Hour
Power 0.7 KW
Machine Net Weight  260 KG

The filling speed only depends on the flow cross-sectional area of the filling pipe and the liquid level height of the liquid storage bin. The machine controls the filling volume by controlling the time when the liquid material flows out, different measuring volumes can be realized by changing the filling time.

The automatic liquid packaging machine can be adjusted by frequency conversion, has a fast filling speed. It is also equipped with an overload protection device, will automatically stop when there is an error. The filling volume and accuracy are adjusted by increasing or reducing the filling time on the touch screen, which is convenient and quick, and the operation is simple.

The appearance and the frame of the automatic liquid packaging machine are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and the contact parts with liquid are made of stainless steel or engineering plastics, which fully meet the GMP (Pharmaceutical Production Quality Management) standards. It can be connected with automatic cap sorting, automatic capping machine, automatic labeling machine, and other packaging equipment to consist of an automatic liquid packaging line.