On August 5, 2021, Sywen Packaging received an inquiry from Lao about the automatic high-viscosity paste bottle filling machine. The content is as follows:

We need an automatic filling machine to fill high viscosity peanut paste, please send us the best FOB price.

Our reply on August 6, 2021:

Are there any particles in peanut butter? What is the packing method?

The client’s email on August 9, 2021:

The peanut paste produced by our company contains some peanut pieces, which is filled in glass bottles.

Our reply on August 10, 2021:

What is the filling specification?

The client’s email on August 11, 2021:

236 ML/bottle.

Our reply on August 12, 2021:

What is the required filling speed and accuracy?

The client’s email on August 13, 2021:

30 bottles/min, the filling accuracy is ±1 %.

Our reply on August 17, 2021:

According to the characteristics of peanut paste and specific filling requirements, we recommend the following automatic liquid bottle filling machine to you:

Machine Name Machine Specifications Quantity
Number of Filling Heads: 8
Material Type: highly viscous liquid with particulate material
Filling Range: 100-500ML (different filling specifications are equipped with piston pumps with different measuring ranges)
Measurement Method: by the piston pump
Driven Motor Type: servo motor
Filling Speed: 20-30 bottles/min
1 Set

Please see the detailed quotation in the attachment.

The client’s email on August 25, 2021:

Will there be peanut butter drips on the bottle after filling?

Our reply on August 26, 2021:

The automatic paste filling machine adopts drip-proof filling nozzles. After the filling is completed, during the movement of the bottle, if it is a highly viscous peanut paste, there will be no paste dripping on the bottle. If the peanut paste is slightly viscous, there might still be a little bit of peanut paste dripping onto the bottle.

In order to solve this problem, the machine will be equipped with a stainless steel material groove. After reaching the target volume, it will automatically move under the filling head and get the dripping paste to prevent the liquid from dripping onto the bottle.

The client’s email on August 31, 2021:

Is there a separate piston pump for each filling nozzle?

Our reply on September 1, 2021:

yes, so the accuracy of each filling head can be adjusted slightly.

The client’s email on September 7, 2021:

Does this high viscosity paste bottle filling machine have an automatic stirring system when filling?

Our reply on September 8, 2021:

There is an automatic agitator in the silo of the filling machine to ensure the uniformity of the material during the filling process.

The client’s email on September 20, 2021:

Does it display information such as the number of bottles filled?

Our reply on September 21, 2021:

Yes, it has. The number of bottles, packaging output, and other information displayed on the touch screen.

In the next three months, we made further communication on the core configuration list, maintenance, and after-sales service of the machine. On January 12, 2022, we received the prepayments for the customer’s order.

After strict quality inspection and packaging testing by our quality inspection department, the machine was sent from the factory to its destination on February 15, 2022.

The customer received the machine on January 25, 2022. Our technicians provided free technical guidance on the installation and operation of the machine via video chat from January 26th to January 27th, 2022.

On March 1, 2022, the machine was officially put into the peanut paste packaging production. The client is very satisfied with the packaging speed, filling accuracy, and after-sales service of our machine.

If you are looking for the automatic viscous or high viscous paste packaging machine, and want to know more about the configuration, filling speed, filling accuracy, etc. of the machine, we hope the above glass bottle peanut paste packaging case can give you some reference and help !

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