On August 2, 2021, Sywen Packaging received an inquiry from Indonesia about the automatic hand sanitizer gel bottle filling line, the content is as follows:

We are a liquid filling machine importer, now our customer needs the hand sanitizer gel filling line, please send us the best quotation.

Our reply on August 3, 2021:

What kind of packing method is it? What is the filling specification?

The client’s email on August 5, 2021:

It’s PET bottle packing, the filling specifications are 100ML, 250ML, 500ML.

Our reply on August 6, 2021:

What is the required filling speed and accuracy?

The client’s email on August 10, 2021:

The filling speed is 20-30 bottles/min, and the filling accuracy is ±1%.

Our reply on August 11, 2021:

What kinds of packaging equipment are needed?

The client’s email on August 13, 2021:

We need the hand sanitizer gel filling machine, automatic capping machine, automatic labeling machine, and automatic inkjet batch coding printer.

Our reply on August 16, 2021:

Please send us the sample pictures of bottle, caps and labels so that we can customized a suitable packaging solution for you.

The client’s email on August 18, 2021:

Please see the picture of the sample bottle in the attachment, the bottle cap is the dispenser pump.

PET Hand Sanitizer Gel Bottle Sample

Our reply on August 20, 2021:

According to the characteristics of hand gel and specific filling requirements, we recommend the following 5 machines to you:

Machine Name Product Specification Quantity
  • Bottle Turntable
Automatic conveying of glass or plastic bottles in food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Universal use for big and small bottles (no need to replace accessories, just adjust the relevant parts). 1 Set
Number of filling heads: 8
Metering Device: the piston
Liquid Type: viscous, highly viscous liquid
Filling Range: 100-1000ML
Filling Speed: 20-35 bottles/min
Filling Accuracy: ≤±1%
1 Set
Automatic and high-speed capping of plastic bottles, glass bottles, PET bottles, and other bottles of various materials and shapes, and the capping speed is adjustable. 1 Set
Bottle Diameter: 20-100mm
Label Height: 20-140mm
Bottle Type: round bottles
1 Set
  • Automatic Small Continuous Inkjet Batch Coding Machine
Character Height: 0-12.7mm/0-25.4mm
Ink Color: black/red/blue/orange/white etc.
Printing Information: production date, numbers, symbols, QR codes, pictures, etc.
1 Set

The client’s email on August 27, 2021:

The hand gel does not conduct electricity. Can the material in the silo of the viscous liquid filling machine be automatically supplied?

Our reply on August 30, 2021:

According to the material characteristics, the silo of the liquid filling machine adopts the buoyancy material level control device, which can realize the automatic conveying of the hand sanitizer gel.

The client’s email on September 8, 2021:

The formula of hand gel is different, some gels contain 75% alcohol, and the viscosity will be different. There are many types of bottles and caps (3-4 types in total), can we use the same automatic gel hand sanitizer packaging line?

Our reply on September 9, 2021:

Yes, you can.

SY-N automatic liquid filling machine is a servo motor-driven piston metering with sufficient power. It is specially used for filling generally viscous and highly viscous materials. Within a certain range, the height of the filling head and the width of the conveyor belt under the filling machine can be adjusted, which can fill bottles of different diameters and heights.

SXG-PD automatic capping machine can be used for various specifications and types of caps. The capping torque, the height of the bottle clamping device, and the left and right distances all can be adjusted. Within a certain range, different specifications and types of caps can use one bottle capping machine.

ST-YP automatic bottle screw labeling machine is suitable for single-sided labeling of round bottles. Within a certain range, round bottles of different diameters and heights can use one labeling machine.

The client’s email on September 20, 2021:

The filling workshop is 5 meters long and the outer packaging room is 5 meters long. Can the hand sanitizer filling line be placed in a straight line?

Our reply on September 21, 2021:

It takes five meters to place the bottle turntable and the viscous liquid filling machine. The wall between the filling machine and the outer packaging room needs to break an opening to connect the filling machine and the capping machine, the labeling machine, the inkjet batch coding printer, which can be straight or curved connected.

Later, we made further communication on the core parts list, layout, connection, after-sales service, etc. of the machine, and the customer was quite satisfied with the cost performance of our machine. On November 17, 2021, we received the bottles, caps, labels, samples from the customer.

On November 25, 2021, we received a 40% deposit for the customer’s order. On January 11, 2021, the customer checked the packaging effect of the machine through remote video, and the testing process was very smooth. After strict quality inspection and testing by our quality inspection department, the machine was shipped from Qingdao, China to the port of destination on January 14, 2022.

The customer received the machine on February 3, 2022, our technicians provided free technical guidance on the installation, connection, debugging, operation, etc. of the machine from February 7 to February 11, 2022. On February 16, 2022, the gel hand sanitizer bottling line was officially put into service, the customer is very satisfied with the performance of the machine and our after-sales service.

If you are looking for a hand sanitizer gel filling line, and want to know more about the configuration, technical parameters, supporting equipment, etc. of the machine, we hope the above hand sanitizer gel bottle packaging case can give you some reference and help!

Sywen Packaging is a professional automatic hand sanitizer gel filling line manufacturer and supplier. According to the formula, material characteristics, and specific filling requirements of the hand sanitizer gel, we can customize a complete hand sanitizer gel bottle filling line with different budgets and configurations for you.

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