In November 2022, a family-run candy brand manufacturer in the United States contacted Sywen Packaging. In order to meet consumer demand, they have been developing products of sugar-free gummy bear series products in recent years. In June 2022, they started building a new fruit jelly candy packaging workshop and needed to purchase a high-speed gummy bear packing machine.

The packaging bag is a back seal sachet, the packaging weight is 120 g/sachet, and the packaging speed should reach 50-60 sachets/minute. Because the products are mainly sold in large supermarkets, high packaging accuracy is very important.


Supplied Machine:

SK-280 VFFS Packing Machine( with multi heads combination weighers)

High Speed Gummy Packing Machine

According to the packaging method, product characteristics, and customer’s packaging needs, the vertical packaging machine needs to use a 14-head combination scale as the metering device. When packaging, the raw materials are automatically transported to the silo of the combination weigher through the feeder. Through the vibration of the main vibrator, the material falls evenly from the main vibrating plate into the independent vibrating plate.

The 14 heads weighing buckets use the principle of random arrangement and combination to select the combinations closest to the target weight, and then discharge the material for weighing and packaging. The machine has the advantages of high automation, fast weighing speed, good stability, and high filling accuracy. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is easy to clean and maintain.

High-accuracy serve-motor to drive the transmission of the laminated packaging film roll. Photo-electric position tracking system. When opening the glass safety door, the machine will immediately alarm or stop running. The horizontal sealing and longitudinal sealing are controlled by independent intelligent temperature instruments, which can adjust the sealing temperature ≤ 300℃.

Different types of shelf hanging holes or tear notch can be customized on the packaging sachets, and the sachets are available with straight-cut edges and zigzag-cut edges. One machine can complete making bags, measuring, filling, sealing, and batch number coding, which can save 8-10 labor.  Imported Siemens PLC system and touch screen, high stability when running.