On March 1, 2022, Sywen Packaging received an inquiry from the United States for an automatic gummy candy packaging machine. The content is as follows:

We need an automatic sachet packing machine to fill gummi candy, please send us the best CIF Seattle price.

Our reply on March 2, 2022:

Please send us the pictures of the gummy candy and the packing sachet, so that we can customize the most suitable automatic gummy packaging solution for you.

The client’s email on March 3, 2022:

The candy is packaged with back seal small sachets, and the gummy candy is round shape.

Gummy Candy Back Seal Sachets

Our reply on March 4, 2022:

What is the packaging specification? What is the size of the sachet?

The client’s email on March 7, 2022:

It’s 60 grams/pack, the sachet size is 3.54” x 4.72”.

Our reply on March 8, 2022:

What is the required filling speed and accuracy?

The client’s email on March 10, 2022:

40 packs/min, the filling accuracy is ±1 g.

Our reply on March 12, 2022:

According to the product characteristics and specific packaging requirements, we recommend to you the following automatic granule sachet packaging equipment:

Machine Name Machine Specifications Quantity
Conveying Height: 1.65 meters
Conveying Speed: 3-6 cubic meters/minute
Material Type: granular materials such as blocks, slices, strips, etc.
1 Set
Sachet Type: three-side seal, four-side seal, or back seal sachets
Measurement Method: volumetric cup
Maximum Width of Packaging Roll Film: 280mm
Packaging Film Roll Thickness: 0.04-0.08mm
Packing Speed: 30-50 packs/min
Filling Accuracy: ± 1 %
Production Batch Number Coding type: thermal ribbon coding
1 Set

The client’s email on March 16, 2022:

Can we use the same packing machine if packing other shapes of fruit-flavored gummies?

Our reply on March 17, 2022:

Yes, you can, but the volumetric cups with adjustable volume need to be customized according to the material. Because the volumetric cup filling machine uses volumetric cups to measure and fill, the size of the cups is customized according to the product size and filling specifications.

There are two types of measuring cups – fixed capacity volumetric cups and adjustable volumetric cups, if fill the product with the same weight, different shapes, and sizes, the automatic sachet filling machine needs to be equipped with customized adjustable volumetric cups.

The client’s email on March 21, 2022:

Is there an automatic gummy candy filling machine with higher filling precision?

Our reply on March 22, 2022:

Fruit gummies can also be measured by linear weigher or multi heads combined weigher, with faster filling speed and higher filling accuracy, which can also package the same specifications, the same bag type, and different shapes of gummies, but the machine cost is higher than the volume cup filler machine.

The client’s email on March 25, 2022:

Does the automatic granule sachet packing machine need an air compressor when running?

Our reply on March 26, 2022:

Yes, it needs.

Later, we made further communication on the core configuration list, machine size and weight, and after-sales service. On May 17, 2022, we received full payment for the customer’s order. On May 25, 2022, we received the gummi candy samples from the customer.

On May 31, 2022, the customer tested the packaging effect of the machine through video chat. The packaging speed, filling accuracy, and sealing effect can all meet the customer’s packaging requirements.

After strict quality inspection and packaging testing by our quality inspection department, the machine was shipped from the Chinese port to the destination port on June 3, 2022, and the ETA to the destination port is July 9, 2022.

If you are looking for an automatic gummi candy packing machine, and want to know more about the measuring method, filling accuracy, filling speed, application, etc. of the machine, we hope the above back seal gummy candy packaging case can give you some reference and help!

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