In June 2022, an Amazon seasoning brand manufacturer contacted Sywen Packaging. They needed an automatic powder filling machine to package spice seasoning.


  • Product: mix of fresh Mediterranean spices
  • Packing: round glass bottles and jars
  • Packaging Weight: 90g, 95g, 100g, 120g (with same bottle shape, different bottle sizes)
  • Filling Speed: 15 bottles/min
  • Filling Accuracy: ≤1%


Because there are many types and specifications of seasoning powder, it is particularly important for the powder filling machine that it is able to quickly replace different filling specifications or product types.


Provided Machine:

In order to clean the hopper quickly and easily, the hopper of the powder packaging machine is side-open. When using the common screw auger for filling the spice powder, the blockage of the spice is easy to will occur, so the metering screw equipped with the automatic powder packaging machine is customized according to the characteristics of the seasoning powder.

The height of the filling head and the width of the conveyor belt can be adjusted according to the height and size of the bottle, it can be filled with several shapes and sizes of bottles or jars without changing any accessories.

A servo motor drives the screw auger for unloading, it can fill cans, jars, and bottles. With the automatic feeding system, the material level in the hopper of the filling machine is automatically controlled, which can save much time and effort.

When changing the material to be filled, the PLC system will automatically correct the filling accuracy error caused by different densities. The whole machine is made of premium stainless steel, which is easy to maintain and clean.