Sywen’s automatic foil sealing machine adopts foreign advanced technology, mainly divided into two parts – the main machine and the sensor head. The high-frequency pulse current generated by the oscillating source is amplified and shaped by feedback, push the power module output to the sensor head. When a metal aluminum foil approaches the sensor head, eddy currents are generated on the aluminum foil to generate heat. The degree of heat generation is determined by the strength of the eddy currents, the frequency, and the length of the action time.

The conveying system of the automatic alumina foil sealing machine is a thickened and widened conveyor belt, usually used as a part of the fully automatic filling production lines. The height of the sealed bottle is adjustable, which can be applied to bottles of various heights. Optional automatic non-aluminum foil bottle rejection device, automatic counter for sealing bottle. High sealing efficiency ( max. speed can reach 9000 bottles/hour), good sealing quality.

All-stainless steel mold molding machine shell, beautiful and generous. The machine is easy to install and debug, and the performance is stable and reliable. Adopts non-contact heating, which is suitable for the sealing of various plastic bottles and composite plastic bottle mouths, and conforms to GMP standards. The material of the sealed container can be polypropylene (PP), polyphenylene (PS), polyester (PET), polyphenylene (PE), ABS, glass bottles, etc., but can not be metal bottles. It has a wide range of uses, mainly used in medicine, food, oil, daily chemical, pesticide, and other industries.