Our automatic granule filling machine is an intelligent automatic quantitative weighing packaging machine, vibrating feeding, PLC control, accurate and fast. Mainly used for package small granular materials, such as dried fruits, roasted seeds and nuts, melon seeds, peanuts, broad beans, plastic granules, pet food, chicken essence, miscellaneous grains, pesticides (particles), small hardware, etc.

Double or four buckets electric scale for intelligent weighing and filling, the volume of machine hopper can be customized according to customer requirements, the measurement accuracy can reach ±1%. Each weighing hopper is independently weighed and metered, and the material is supplied by vibration control, the amplitude and filling speed is adjustable. It is an ideal quantitative packaging equipment for bottled or canned irregular granular materials.

Adopt the induction control device or module of well-known international or domestic brands, with stable and reliable performance and low failure rate. Suitable for packaging plastic cans/bottles, paper cans and iron cans of various specifications. The operation is simple and easy to learn, so it is an ideal automatic packaging equipment for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.