On February 22, 2022, Sywen Packaging received an inquiry from the United States for an automatic condiment bottle packaging machine, the content is as follows:

We need an automatic bottle filling machine to package condiments, please send us the CIF Atlanta price.

Our reply on February 23, 2022:

What kind of condiment?

The client’s email on February 25, 2022:

The product is viscous mustard sauce.

Our reply on February 28, 2022:

Please send us the bottle pictures and packaging specifications, so that we can customize the most suitable condiment packaging solution for you.

The client’s email on March 2, 2022:

There are two filling specifications, 100g (with the glass bottle) and 265g (with the PP bottle).

Our reply on March 3, 2022:

What is the required filling speed and accuracy?

The client’s email on March 4, 2022:

15-25 bottles/min, the filling accuracy is ±3 g.

Our reply on March 8, 2022:

In addition to the filling machine, do you need other ancillary equipment?

The client’s email on March 11, 2022:

Before filling, Is there any method instead of manually placing the empty bottles on the conveyor belt of the liquid filling machine?

Our reply on March 12, 2022:

A round turntable can instead of manually placing empty bottles.

The client’s email on March 15, 2022:

Can two bottles of different sizes and types be used with the same automatic liquid filling machine?

Our reply on March 16, 2022:

Yes, because the height of the filling head and the width of the conveyor belt can be adjusted within a certain range.

According to the material characteristics and specific filling requirements, we recommend the automatic liquid filling machine for you:

Machine Model Machine Specifications Quantity
  • Rotary Turntable
Machine Material: food-grade stainless steel
Bottle Diameter: 40-100mm
Diameter of The Turntable: 600-1000mm
Bottle Type: round, square, or irregular-shaped bottles
1 Set
Measurement Method: the piston
Measurement Range: 10-500ML
Number of Filling Heads: 10
Filling Speed: 20-30 bottles/min
Filling Accuracy: ≤±1%
Liquid Type: viscous liquid, highly viscous liquid
Container Type: bottles, jars, or cans
1 Set

The client’s email on March 23, 2022:

Is the power source of the piston compressed air or others?

Our reply on March 24, 2022:

The piston is driven by a servo motor.

The client’s email on March 29, 2022:

Can the filling pipes and the filling heads be disassembled separately for easy cleaning?

Our reply on March 30, 2022:

Yes, it can.

The client’s email on April 11, 2022:

Does this automatic liquid sachet packing machine adopt the principle of volume measurement?

Our reply on April 12, 2022:

Yes. In the beginning, the machine will use a fast filling speed. When the target volume is approached, it will use a slow filling speed to prevent the liquid from overflowing the mouth of the bottle.

The client’s email on April 21, 2022:

Does the machine need the compressed air source when it is running?

Our reply on April 22, 2022:

Yes, it needs.

Later, we made further communication on the size, workshop layout, use, etc. of the machine. On May 18, 2022, we received bottle samples sent by customers.

On June 2, 2022, we received the full payment for the customer’s order. At present, the machine is still in production, and it is estimated shipping date from China to the port of destination on July 7, 2022.

If you are looking for an automatic condiment bottle filling machine, and want to know more about the filling speed, filling accuracy, measurement method, application, and other information about the machine, we hope the above condiment bottling packaging case can give you some reference and help.

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