The automatic capping machine is suitable for capping, locking, pressing, fastening a variety of plastic caps, glass caps, metal caps, etc. Can be combined with an automatic cap sorting machine to complete automatic cap supply, bottle clamping, positioning, transfer and cap screwing. The machine has a high degree of automation and good stability. Frequency conversion speed regulation, stable operation, low noise, suitable for screw caps of various specifications within the specified range.

The capping speed regulation system can appropriately adjust according to the entire production speed, ensure the continuous operation of the entire packaging system. The screw cap height can be adjusted according to the bottle height, to ensure that the machine can be used for as many caps as possible. Intelligent operation panel and is with English version,can control working time and set working mode.

With Stop button,can protect the machine from damage and keep the operator safe during working. The capping time,pressing time can be adjusted by operation panel. The screwing station is equipped with a photoelectric sensor switch, once the bottle is passed, the bottle can be detected, and the automatic capping can be completed, saving a lot of time, improving the capping efficiency, and its sensitivity can also be adjusted.