Cans Automatic Vacuum Sealing Machine

Automatic can vacuum sealing machine adopts the basic principle of double seaming. During the rotation of the sealing roller relative to the can, a certain pressure is applied to the joint between the can body and the lid to make them curl, hooked and pressed against each other. It is is suitable for vacuum packaging of round tinplate cans, aluminum cans, plastic cans, paper cans, etc. in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical industries. Pumping vacuum first, then fill with nitrogen, and finally seal, effectively extend the shelf life of products.

Automatic control and operation, improve production efficiency and save labor costs. The seam rollers are made of Cr12 die steel, which is strong and durable. The residual oxygen content is less than 3% after sealing. The whole machine is an all-stainless steel structure, and the parts in contact with the material are all anti-corrosion 304 high-quality stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant and durable.

When the lid lowering device does not arrange cover, it will stop automatically, which can prevent the can body from biting the lid mold and damaging the parts of the sealing mechanism. The machine can realize the functions of only vacuuming but not nitrogen filling, and not vacuuming and not filling nitrogen, multiple functions can be switched freely.

What is the working process of an automatic can vacuum sealing machine?

1. The cans are filled by the filling machine, flow into the turntable of the sealing machine.

2. The can sealing machine starts to add the cover to cans automatically.

3. Turntable rotates to the working position, making a pre-seal by the seaming roller.

4. Enter the vacuum chamber and perform vacuuming.

5. Controlled by the vacuum suction switching valve, nitrogen enters the can chamber, and the nitrogen is sucked into the can.

6. The can with nitrogen enters the second seaming roller to be tightly sealed.

The above introduction is just a brief introduction, different products may have different working principles when sealing.

Seaming Rollers
Vacuum Sealing Room
Adding Caps Automatically
Model SFG-ZKD Automatic Can Vacuum Sealing Machine
Sealing Speed 5 – 7 cans/Min
Can Diameter 70 – 120 mm
Can Height 80 – 190 mm
Seaming Roller NOS 4
Working Air Pressure 0.6~0.8 MPa
Nitrogen Pressure 0.1~0.8 Mpa
Oxygen Residues ≤ 3%
Power 4 KW