Automatic can seaming machine is highly intelligent, and can quickly and automatically seal the items on the automatic production line, which is suitable for large-scale production of canned products with a single specification. It can seal a variety of cans, tinplate, aluminum cans, paper cans or plastic cans, and can automatically support the cans and automatically drop the lids and automatically seal the cans, reducing manual operations.

The machine has the characteristics of stable operation, wide sealing range, simple operation, convenient adjustment, etc. The key components are processed by high-precision equipment, and the machining accuracy is improved to ensure the stability of the entire machine. It is and ideal can seaming machine for large, medium and small beverage factories, like coke, herbal tea, food factory, kimchi, canned making factory, chemical factory, medicine, health products and etc. It can cooperate well with the other packaging machines for continuous production.