The Background:

In October 2022, a 15-year-old branded food manufacturer in Australia approached us to carry out a special packaging project, that is, to customize an automatic can filling line for the hot-selling canned sweet corn. Due to the expansion of the sales team, the current semi-automatic packaging machines can no longer meet the increased sales orders.

The Challenge:

The product is sweet corn packaged in a round metal can, the packaging weight is 285 g/can, and the size of the can is 7.5(diameter) x 11 cm(height). From filling to sealing, automatic packaging should be realized as much as possible. The packaging speed should reach 900-1000 cans/hour. Before filling the corn kernels, it is necessary to pour some soup into the can first, then fill the corn kernels, stick the label, vacuuming, fill with nitrogen, and seal.

The Solution:

Through in-depth communication with the customer’s production department and purchasing department, in order to meet the customer’s packaging needs, we provide the following machines:

The empty cans are manually placed on the round turntable, and the machine automatically transports the cans to the conveyor belt of the filling machine. The automatic liquid filling machine first quantitatively fills the soup into the can, then fills the corn kernels, then stick the labels automatically, pump the vacuum, fills with nitrogen, and seals the can.

“In recent years, the significant growth of our company’s business has prompted us to improve the automation degree of the product production and packaging, so it is very important for us to choose a reliable automatic can packaging line manufacturer.

In the process of communicating with Sywen Packaging, they always respond quickly and give professional advice according to our packaging requirements. These valuable qualities made us decide to cooperate with them on this project. We are happy that we made the right choice because both the service and product quality are satisfactory.”