SK-Z-2D-6K automatic bottling machine is an ideal automatic granule filling machine, widely used in foods, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural industries. Bulk materials need to be quantitative packaged when leave the factory, they are divided into individuals with the same weight or volume to facilitate storage, transportation and use, SK-Z-2D-6K can help you greatly improve the filling production speed.

Filling range is from 500-6000 g, four electric scale directly metering in turn or individually, you can fill single or several kinds of granular materials each time. The machine can be applied to fill pesticides, feed, additives, washing powder, salt, seasoning, spices, melon seeds, pistachios, rubber particles, plastic particles, metal particles, peanuts, raisins, seasoning, chicken essence, sugar, seeds, activated carbon, fertilizer, rice and etc.

The measurement accuracy of the electronic scale is higher than the measuring cup. If you want to obtain higher accuracy, you can use the combination weigher for measurement.

Automatic Can Weighing Filling Machine
Double Weighing Hoppers

How to maintain the machine during usage?

• Clean the electrical box, weighing bucket, sensor and other parts to keep the machine clean and hygienic.

• It is strictly forbidden to knock or press the weighing bucket or sensor.

• In order to ensure the accuracy of the machine, it is strictly forbidden to install or use it in a humid and corrosive environment.

• Not allowed to put materials that exceed the weighing range of the sensor into the weighing bucket.

• If you need to move the machine with long distances, it is recommended to remove the weighing bucket to ensure the safety of the sensor.

• The machine should be keep balance and prevent the occurrence of severe vibration, to ensure the accuracy of the weighing.

Model SK-Z-2D-6K Automatic Bottling Machine
Packing Container Type cans or bottles
Filling Range 30-2000 g
Hopper Volume 25 L
Machine Material 304 stainless steel in contact with powder, the others are stainless steel
Filling Speed < 30 bags/min
Power 0.7 KW
Weighing Hopper NOS 2
Unloading Method double vibrator unloading