Metal Caps Vacuum Capping Machine

SXG-ZK automatic bottle vacuum capping machine is a new type of vacuum pumping equipment developed by Sywen Packaging, it abandons the disadvantages of the traditional rotary vacuum capping machine, automatically detects that the set number of bottles and caps have entered the vacuum capping machine. It’s widely used for vacuum capping of tinplate cover of bottle thread caps, industries like food, beverage, spices, health care products are recommended to choose this model capping machine.

The color display screen will display the capping status in real time, and the whole machine can be detected at multiple points. If there is no bottle or cap, the bottle outlet is blocked, the positioning is inaccurate, the bottle body is overturned and other abnormal conditions, the machine will automatically stop or have the alarm.

The vacuum degree reached by a single capping head can be displayed separately and adjusted separately. It can be connected with automatic cap elevator, cap sorting machine, and conveyor belt to realize automatic bottle feeding, automatic cap sorting, automatic vacuum cap screwing and automatic conveying. High packaging efficiency, stable and reliable operation.

PLC combined with touch screen (human-machine interface) control, using world-renowned brand electrical and pneumatic components, low failure rate, stable and reliable capping performance, and long service life. The frame, components and shell of the vacuum capping machine are mainly made of 304 high-quality stainless steel, beautiful in appearance, easy to clean, and in line with food hygiene requirements.

The height can be adjusted quickly, and it can be adapted to the capping of bottles of the same diameter and different heights. Replacing some parts can realize capping of different bottle diameters and different height, and the replacement is quick and convenient.

The vacuum bottle capping machine has the basic function of vacuum evacuation. The product after vacuum capping and sealing can effectively increase its shelf life under normal conditions, and it will not easily occur deterioration due to oxidation caused by objects and outside air. A wide range of available industries, such as the food industry like soy sauce, vinegar, sesame paste, chili sauce, peanut butter, canned fruit, etc.

Model SXG-ZK Automatic Bottle Vacuum Capping Machine
Bottle Height 80 – 250 mm (customized)
Bottle Diameter 30 – 85 mm (customized)
Caps Diameter 38 – 55 mm (customized)
Capping Speed < 3600 bottles/min
Capping Heads NOS 3, 6 or customized
Air Source Pressure 0.6 -0.8 MPa
Air Consumption 100 L/Min
Power 3.5 KW