SF-KP series automatic bottle filling machine is designed for filling 10-2000 g powder in viscous cans or bottles or jars, it has good dosing and filling performance. It adopts the plastic turntable for positioning containers, has a fast filling speed with high accuracy. The machine can accurately dispense most kinds of powder into round hard containers (like 300#-401#-502#metal-plastic-paper cans), max. filling speed can reach 40 bottles/minute.

Bottles and cans enter the filling worktable by the round turntable, conveyor belt, bottle separating system, etc. There is a photoelectric eye sensor for detecting bottles to achieve control of the action of filling and not filling. It also has the function of online weighing and the weight rejection system, automatic positioning, and vibration filling. The hopper of the filling machine can be made as a single, double hopper.

Automatic Powder Bottle Filling Machine

With the characteristics of high speed, high precision and stable performance,SF-KP automatic powder bottle filling machine can complete precise weighing and filling.It’s widely used for packaging milk powder,spice powder,coffee powder, drink powder,protein powder,rice powder,chemical powder and other pharmaceutical powder.

Model SF-KP Automatic Powder Filling Machine
Filling Specification 10-2000 g
Filling Nozzles NOS  1-2
Filling Accuracy(≥100 g) ±1%
Filling Speed 0-40 bottles/min
Storage Bin Type quick open type
The Height Of Filling Nozzles Is Adjustable Yes

What are the advantages of SF-KP Automatic Powder Filling Machine?

• The packaging weight can be adjusted at any time, the working state can be changed at any time, the operation is very convenient.

• Mixing motor adopts Taiwan-made maintenance-free gear motors, which has advantages of low noise, long life, and maintenance-free for a lifetime.

• Replace different specifications augers, can adapt to a variety of materials from ultra-fine powder to large particles.


Double 50 L hopper, with filling and refilling function, ensure best filling accuracy.

Filling Nozzle

Round turntable for positioning and filling bottles,has high filling accuracy.

Electric Control Parts

Famous brand electrical parts,ensure stable packaging performance.


The key part-measuring auger, lathe processing,fine design and accurate measurement.