SK-GD automatic bagging machine is a high automation degree granule packaging machine, which can complete full packaging process, like weighing, filling, sealing, and coding.

The packing method is viscous kinds of pre-made pouches, like zipper bags, side gusset pouches, flat pouches ( three sides seal pouches, four sides seal pouches ),  bottom gusset pouches(like round bottom, K-seal bottom or plow bottom), and other stand-up pouches.

The pouch material is a single or multi-layer composite film that can be heat-sealed, for example, silica, alumina foil, PE, and other materials. It mainly consists of an automatic bagging machine, multi-head combination weigher, material conveyor, vibrating feeder, support platform, and finished product conveyor.

The packaging speed can max. reach to about 50 bags/min. Suitable for automatic measurement and packaging of particle materials such as candies, nuts, raisins, peanuts, melon seeds, nuts, potato chips, sugar, biscuits,  etc.

Automatic bagging and opening bags, saving labor and time. A high-sensitivity detection system, ensures no bags, no discharge, and no sealing. Each working station is equipped with a vibrating plate, which is installed at the bottom of the packing bag.

Automatic Opening Bag
Automatic Pouching Device
Automatic Weighing Filling

The vibrating device can make the granular material evenly move to the bottom of the bag during the filling process. Vibration source is cylinder, and the vibration effect is good, which can effectively help the completion of the bagging , and filling process.

The mechanical action adopts the end face cam and the tension spring to reset, and the speed can reach 60 bags/min during high-speed operation. Use oil-free vacuum pump to avoid pollution of production environment. World famous brand PLC control system. Clamps width is controlled by a motor, can be adjusted synchronously with only one button.

Model SK-GD-200 SK-GD-300
Packing Material composite films, PE, PP etc. composite films, PE, PP etc.
Filling Range 5-1500 g 100-2500 g
Packaging Speed 25-40 bags/min 10-30 bags/min
Pouch Size L 350 mm, W 100-210 mm L 200-450 mm, W 200-300 mm
Working Stations NOS 6, 8, 12 6, 8, 12
Pouch Type pre-made pouches pre-made pouches
Power 1.5 KW 2 KW
Gas Consumption 0.4 CBM/Min 0.4 CBM/Min