In August 2022, a pet food manufacturer in Singapore contacted Sywen Packaging, the company adds a new pet bird food to the product category, so needs to purchase an automatic bag weighing and filling machine to package bird feed and seeds. The machine should be able to package two kinds of bags Type, a stand-up pouch with a zipper and a back-sealed pouch.


Product: daily feeding small bird food (grain and seeds blend)
Packing Type: pre-made pouches, stand-up pouches with zipper, back-sealed pouches
Packaging Weight: 142 g, 284 g
Packing Speed: 40-50 bags/min
Filling Accuracy: ≤± 3‰


Supplied Machine:

The bucket elevator is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel and perspex. It is mainly used to transport granular materials in daily chemical, food, and other industries. The lifting and conveying capacity is more than 30% higher than that of ordinary models. The fully enclosed conveying structure ensures no dust pollution during material conveying. The conveying speed can be adjusted with a variable frequency speed, simple maintenance, and can automatically and continuously transfer materials to the granule packaging machine.

The automatic granule filling machine adopts the multi-head combination scale for weighing and filling, it is suitable for small block and granular materials packaged in premade pouches with high filling accuracy and fast packaging speed. The types of premade pouches include three-side sealing, four-side sealing, back sealing, bottom gusset pouches, stand-up pouches, zipper pouches, and other special-shaped pouches.

The multi-head combination weigher is autocratically controlled by the Microcomputer, using the mathematical arrangement and combination to achieve the goal of accurate weighing. Compared with the traditional quantitative automatic packaging scale, the computer combination weigher has the advantages of high accuracy, fast weighing speed, and wide weighing range, and can choose weighing hoppers of different materials according to different materials.

The operator only needs to put hundreds of bags on the bag taking part of the equipment, and the manipulator of the filling machine will automatically take the bags, print the batch number, open the bag, give the signal to the measuring device and complete the weighing, unloading, seal and convey. The filling accuracy of the dynamic display during the packaging process is ± 0.1 g, and the actual filling accuracy can reach ±3‰. When changing the packaging specification, just enter the bag width on the touch screen, and all the bag clamps of the machine will be automatically adjusted synchronously, and the switching of different packaging specifications can be completed within a few seconds.