As a leading powder filling machine manufacturer for over 10 years, Sywen Packaging specializes in customizing unique packaging solutions for powder products in various industries, such as building, chemical powder, food, mineral, and pharmaceutical powder. What type of powder is this machine most suitable for packaging? Powders that are not easy to agglomerate, have less water content and have a fineness of less than 300 mesh.

The filling principle is the same. All automatic powder filling machine adopts auger measuring and photoelectric sensing technology to package powdery materials. With the cooperation of the automatic screw conveyor, the machine can complete the functions of automatic feeding, automatic filling, and automatic counting. Stepping motor or servo motor controls the unloading of the auger, which has very stable filling performance and high precision.

Automatic Auger Powder Filling Machine
Automatic Powder Filling Machine

The automatic powder filling machine is mainly designed for fast and high-precision packaging of ultra-fine powder and materials with the dust during filling, such as seasoning powder, additives, various solid beverages, pepper powder, curry powder, kudzu root powder, starch, tooth powder, Chili powder, garlic powder, protein powder,  lotus root powder, meal replacement powder, etc.

Internationally famous brand PLC control system, color touch screen interface. The surface of the machine is finely polished. The parts in contact with the powder material are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, and the others are high-quality stainless steel. Depending on the packaging material, it can be made of 316 or anti-corrosion materials. The compact structure and the floor space are small.

According to the characteristics of the materials, we are equipped with different unloading devices and special accessories, which greatly solves the various factors existing in the filling process of different materials (large dust, poor precision control, leakage problems, stall problems, etc.).

Each machine has a unique ID number before shipping. The quality of the equipment will go through a strict three-level sequence of quality inspection and test of our related department. Unqualified products are determined not to allowed to send out. We can ensure that all the packaging machines can immediately put into production once the client’s receiving and assembling them.

All models of automatic powder filling machines have a simple structure, reliable operation, and strong practicability. The daily maintenance is very simple and convenient. The filling action is sensitive, low noise, stable, reliable, fast measuring speed, and high precision.