Linear Bottle Fol Sealing Machine

The automatic alumina foil sealing machine uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to instantly generate high heat on the aluminum foil on the bottle mouth, and then fuse it on the bottle mouth to achieve the function of sealing. The sealing process is fast and efficient, and the bottle mouth can be effectively sealed even if there is a small amount of water or oil stains.

All functional parts on the panel are clearly marked, simple, and easy to use. It‘s widely used for alumina foil sealing of various non-metallic containers such as glass bottles and plastic bottles, such as ABS, PE (HDPE.LDPE), PET, PP, PS, PVC, etc.

The cover type can be a screw cap or an anti-theft cap. The automatic alumina foil sealing machine is equipped with protection devices such as over-current and output overload, it is safe to use.

Modular components, make the maintenance easy. Using the most advanced solid-state power crystal modular design, isolated air cooling, or water cooling device. The power supply and control lines all adopt quick connectors, which are easy to change and install.

The height of the electromagnetic sensor is adjustable, which can adapt to the sealing and packaging of containers of various heights. The conveyor belt (optional) is made of stainless steel or plastic steel and high-strength aluminum alloy ) with high-quality surface treatment, clients can customize the widening and heightening conveyor belts according to the bottles.

Recommend products that can use this machine: Medicines, such as powder, liquid, capsule, lozenge, etc. Cosmetics, such as moisturizing lotion, sunscreen, etc. Beverages, such as mineral water, milk, juice, flavored water, etc. Chemicals, such as alcohol, conditioning agents, cleaning agents, etc. Food, such as frozen, fish feed, etc. Others such as lubricating oil, engine oil, etc. It can adjust the power according to the characteristics of different filling materials to achieve firm and beautiful product sealing.

Bottle Guide Device

Bottle guide device, guide the bottle to the center point.

Control Panel

The control panel is very simple, one-key operation, easy to use.

Lifting Hand Wheel

Induction height adjustment hand wheel, can seal different bottles.

Induction Coil

Pure copper induction coil, high sensitivity, fast reaction speed.

Model SFK-4000 Automatic Alumina Foil Sealing Machine
Bottle Diameter 15 – 75 mm
Bottle Height 0 – 490 mm
Conveying Speed 0 – 25 meters/min
Sealing Speed 0-400 bottles/hour
Machine Max. Power 4 KW
Conveying Belt Length standard is 3 meters, can be customized
Cooling Way air cooling or water cooling
Machine Material whole stainless steel
Note Different machine power has different sealing speed, we also have other codes, fastest sealing speed can reach 9000 bottles/hour.