Automatic Powder Screw Conveyor

This auger screw conveyor is suitable for conveying powder materials in the chemical, food, agricultural, and daily chemical industries. It can lift a variety of powder materials, and the conveyor hopper and spiral blade are made of 304 stainless steel. The feeding motor and vibration motor are controlled separately, vibration amplitude is adjustable, and the whole spiral blades can be easily disassembled and cleaned.

Automatic feeding, after reaching a certain material level, automatically stops feeding. The spiral blade and the silo are softly connected, which is easy to disassemble. The lower end of the silo has a valve and a forward and reverse switch for easy cleaning.

The lifting height is determined according to user requirements and working space. The machine can move freely, feeding fast, safe and reliable. The silo is equipped with a vibration motor, to make the powder enter the spiral automatically.

It can realize sealed transportation, which is conducive to the transportation of flying, hot and strong-smelling materials, which can reduce environmental pollution and improve the working environment. Compared with other vertical conveying equipment, the power consumption is less than 1/3 of other conveying machines.

Auger screw conveyor is a kind of conveying equipment without circling traction components. It uses the rotation of the spiral blade to make the material be conveyed horizontally and inclinedly along with the spiral guide. It can regularly control and continuously convey powder materials, with large thrust and fast speed, and it can be fed and discharged at multiple points.

It has good sealing performance and no dust leakage. The main components are welded with seamless steel pipes and spiral blades, and the frame adopts a support frame, which can be easily moved. Suitable for conveying many kinds of powder, such as milk powder, flour, rice powder, protein powder, seasoning powder, chemical powder, medicine powder, coffee powder, soy flour, etc.

Round Hopper Screw Conveyor
Model ST-F Auger Screw Conveyor
Conveying Capacity 2 – 6 CBM/Hour
Standard Tube Diameter 114 mm, 159 mm, 219 mm
Standard Hopper Volume 180 L (can be customized)
Standard Lifting Height 1.7 meters (special height can be customized)
Conveyor Size L 2300 x W 800 x H 2100 mm
Power 1.1 KW

Optional Configuration:

(1). Special stainless steel, such as high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

(2). The choice of polishing degree, common polishing, or fine polishing.

(3). The pipe can be opened.

(4). The shape of the hopper, square or round (the price is different).

(5). The standard tilt angle is 45 degrees, 30-60 degrees can be customized.

(6). Lifting height: standard 1.7 meters, other heights can be customized.

(7). The standard hopper capacity is 180L, others can be customized.