The Background:

A leading supplier of pure spices in the U.S. food industry and global market recently approached Sywen Packaging, asking us to offer an automatic auger powder filling machine for spice powder. With the growth of the company’s business volume, the current packaging system is unable to keep up with daily production output. The spice is packaged with round glass and PE bottles, the packaging weight is 60g and 220g.

The Solution:

Sywen Packaging provides a complete spice powder filling solution by providing SF-ZX automatic powder filling machine. According to the characteristics of spice powder, the machine is equipped with a specially designed auger as the metering device, two sets of augers to fill 60g and 200g to reach the best filling accuracy. The filling height and conveyor belt width can be set to fill different bottles.

“With the help of the automatic auger powder filling machine, our production department can transfer more labor to other positions, the overall production volume has been greatly improved.”