SF-02 Manual Auger Filling Machine

The auger filling machine is widely used for quantitative weighing packaging for powdery materials in chemical, food, agricultural, and sideline products, and other industries. When mention “quantitative”, it is definitely auger measurement. The measurement method is different for different materials, powder products are usually measured by the auger.

Our auger filling machine adopts auger feeding structure, and digital control system technology, to overcome the problem of high-precision quantitative measurement of various powder materials, it has the advantages of non-stick material, large packaging volume, and high precision.

For materials with poor fluidity such as flour and starch, it is generally recommended to use vertical lengthened augers. In this way, the product packed by the auger powder filling machine has high precision and beautiful appearance, it can also avoid dust pollution and cross-infection of materials.

If you want to purchase an auger filling machine with high filling speed, a small error, wide application, and high packaging performance, we recommend that you consider choosing the following models of powder auger filling machines.

Before choosing a suitable code auger powder filling machine, you should know better about your product characteristics. For example, the thickness of the powder particles, how is the fluidity of the powder, dry or wet, whether it is corrosive, whether it is oily. All the characteristics decide the design of augers.

The machine is suitable for the automatic filling of uniform fine particles, non-sticky powders, and powder mixtures. The containers are automatically positioned and are automatically transported away after filling. It is widely used in various bottled and canned products, such as milk powder, protein powder, cocoa powder, chicken powder, monosodium glutamate, medicines, pesticide, veterinary medicine, food additives, coffee, rice powder, seasoning powder, etc.

The semi-automatic auger filling machine is suitable for filling powder particles with good fluidity, and can also be used for filling thick powder with poor fluidity, such as starch, but it is not suitable for fragile flake materials or with a large specific gravity of materials.

SF-02 Auger Powder Filling Machine
Code SF-02 Manual Powder Filling Machine
Filling Range 5-5000 g (need to exchange augers)
Filling Accuracy(≥100g) ±1%
Container Type no limit
Filling Speed 0-30 bags/min
Air Consumption No
Operation Panel LED Touch Screen
Control System PLC Control
Hopper Volume 50 L
Power 1.5 KW

For the filling machine, why choose AUGER as the measuring device?


For the filling and packaging machine industry, manufacturers will adopt different unloading methods according to different materials characteristics.

For example, desiccant, activated carbon, and other particles, using measuring cups to measure the filling weight. For some products with irregular particles, such as melon seeds, nuts, tea and etc., they will choose a combination scale for weighing and filling. For viscous or high viscous liquids, such as sauces, paste, shampoos, etc., use a liquid pump to measure the volume.

Mainly are the gap between the screw and the pipe wall, the accuracy of the auger thread, the accuracy of the stepping ( or servo) motor, and the density and fluidity of powder, dust and humidity in the working environment(the most important and difficult to control factor).

Which powder products are suitable for packaging with this auger filling machine?

For powder, such as pancake powder, rice powder, flour, coffee powder, protein powder, mixed nuts powder, milk powder, these products are called non-free-flowing products, they can not flow directly like solid particles when tilted downwards, the auger is the best choice for filling powder products.

The different powder has a different density. During quantitative filling, in order to ensure that the powder is evenly distributed in the hopper of the powder filling machine, the agitator blades work continuously or intermittently, and the powder enters the auger evenly under the influence of gravity and the blades, improve the filling accuracy and continuity of powder products.

What factors will affect the accuracy of auger measurement?

Due to the different characteristics of the powder, and the different working principles of the filling machine, some products are not suitable for auger fill machines. During the filling process, some materials (such as tobacco) may become entangled in the auger, causing the product to be lost and unable to be packaged. Other granular powder, such as washing powder, cannot be filled with an auger filling machine and must be packaged with a granule filling machine.

If your powder is very fine, there is dust during the filling process, or the moisture content is relatively high, please send the material to us, and we will do the packaging test for you for free.

What kind of container is suitable for this machine?

This model auger powder filling machine has a wide range of applications, can fill pre-made pouches, bottles, and cans. You only put the pouches or bottles around the discharging outlet, and it can be filled with the footswitch or photoelectric sensor.

Although it is a semi-automatic auger filling machine, it is simple in structure, easy to operate, and affordable. It can not only be used alone but can also be linked with a pouch sealing machine, can sealing machine, screw conveyor to form a small packaging line.