In the packaging machine industry, what exactly is an auger filler? what is its main structure? what is the working process of it? which product is suitable to use this kind of filling machine…? Do you have similar questions? you will be clear about the common sense of auger filler from the below article.

1. What is the auger filler?

Auger filler is a kind of powder filling machine used to quantitatively package powdery materials with a certain fluidity. It can fill the same amount of powder into bags, bottles, and cans. It is metered by the rotation of the auger or the unloading time, widely used in food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, such as milk powder, soybean powder, rice flour, pepper, enzyme powder, tea powder, ginger powder, coffee powder, flour, food additives, veterinary medicine, etc.

The auger filler machine uses a special electric motor as the power source, it adopts microcomputer control, and pulse circuit mechatronics design. The current auger filler has a high degree of automation and low labor intensity. It can realize continuous, automatic, and mixed feeding, and has been used by more and more enterprises.

2. What is the auger in auger filler?

The auger is an important part of the auger filler for measuring and unloading. The design of the auger directly affects the filling accuracy and filling speed. The auger is made of all 304 stainless steel. According to the difference in density, powder particle size, viscosity, fluidity, water absorption, and measuring range of the material, the design of the auger is different to meet the filling needs of different users. The manufacturing process of the screw must be accurate, light in weight, and high in surface finish, so as to ensure the highest accuracy of filling.

3. What is the function of the auger in auger filler?

According to the characteristics of the material, the corresponding number of revolutions is automatically measured, and the powder is automatically discharged by the auger.

The rotation and unloading of the auger is powered by a servo or a stepping motor, and the power is transmitted between the two by a synchronous chain, so that the number of rotations of the screw can be controlled, thereby improving the accuracy of unloading.

4. What are the main parts of an auger filler?

It is mainly composed of a metering device, material supply mechanism, transmission device, control system, frame, etc.

5. Which kind of product is suitable to use the auger filler for filling?

Powder materials with good fluidity are not suitable for filling fragile flake materials or materials with relatively large density changes.

6. What is the filling process of an auger filler?

Auger Filler Working Process

① Feeding Inlet

② Electromagnetic Clutch

③ Electromagnetic Brakes

④ Big Belt Wheel

⑤ Photoelectric Encoding Disk

⑥ Small Chain Wheel             ⑦ Unloading/Metering Motor             ⑧ Long Axis              ⑨ Small Belt Wheel

⑩ Mixing Motor                      ⑪ Mixer in the hopper                           ⑫ Auger

• Turn on ⑦ metering/unloading motor, drive the ⑨ small belt wheel and the ④ big belt wheel, make the ④ big belt wheel rotating without anything around the ⑫screw auger.

• When the metering starts, a signal is given to the ② electromagnetic clutch, so the ② electromagnetic clutch that connected with the ⑧ long axis is engaged with the big belt wheel, ⑧ the long axis rotates, the ⑤ Photoelectric encoding disk fixed on ⑧ the long axis also rotates synchronously.

• When the metering auger ⑫ has rotated a predetermined number of turns (number of metering pulses) to complete metering, ⑤ the photoelectric encoding disk has also rotated the same number of turns, causing the electrical control system to send a signal, ② the electromagnetic clutch and the big belt wheel ④ are disengaged, and ③ the electromagnetic brakes is also activated at the same time. The measurement process ends.

• At the same time, the material is filled into the packaging container. When the filling is completed, the metering and filling cycle of the material is repeated.

7. What is the metering method of an auger filler?

The auger filler uses the cavity of the screw spiral groove to measure materials. As long as the number of rotations of the auger is accurately controlled, accurate measurement values can be obtained.

8. What decides the filling accuracy of an auger filler?

The measurement accuracy of the screw packaging machine depends on the manufacturing accuracy of the screw, the gap between the screw and the pipe, and the number of revolutions of the screw. In order to improve the metering adaptability and accuracy, the speed of the metering auger must be adjustable.

Generally, stepping or servo motors are used to achieve variable speed. In order to improve the conveying, metering, and filling effect of materials, a material mixing structure is generally adopted.

9. What is the classification of auger filler?

Depending on the degree of automation, there are semi-automatic and fully automatic auger fillers.

According to the different measurement methods, it can be divided into weighing type auger filler and auger measuring filler.

According to the difference of packaging methods, it can be divided into auger filler for bottles and auger filler for sachets/pouches.

According to the different filling ranges, it can be divided into big bag auger filler (5-50KG) and small auger filler(5-5000 g).

According to different numbers of filling heads, it can be divided into multi-head auger filler and single-head auger filler.

10. What is the influence of auger rotating speed on filling volume?

The general understanding is that the higher the auger’s rotating speed, the bigger the filling volume. But in the simulation experiment process, by applying different rotation speeds, to obtain different filling volumes under different rotation speeds.

The testing result is when the auger rotates at a high speed, the viscosity between the powder material decreases with the increase of the shear rate, and the measurement of the materials is difficult to control, so the filling and the speed of the auger rotating speed is a non-linear relationship, has a big relationship with the free flow characteristic of the powder.

In Conclusion

The above are 10 common questions and answers about auger filler. If you have any questions, please contact us and discuss them together.